Beauty beyond business

Aside from being a senior beauty executive and entrepreneur, T. Bernie educates and empowers on beauty, style, and self-esteem. She is an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator for young girls and teens, college students, and young professionals, as well as a panel moderator for events. “Inspiring Through Beauty” is a three-word personal mantra and her keynote/program subject.
She offers charismatic delivery and candid, insightful perspectives in three topic areas:Career Development
“Catch-22 Career Strategies” is a briefing discussion of workplace experiences, from corporate Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial startups, with motivating, action-oriented advice.Ethnic Beauty*
“Beauty Expressed as Culture” is a dynamic, multimedia presentation that highlights the societal contributions and influences of “Black beauty” including historical and contemporary references.

*Ideal for college programs celebrating Black History Month (February) and Women’s History Month (March)

Youth Enrichment
“C.O.M.P.A.C.T.” (Confidence, Own your beauty, Manners, Poise, Articulate, Center around God, and Togetherness) is an interactive workshop that builds womanhood. A healthy dose of self-esteem, an abundance of politeness, oodles of curiosity, and infinite possibilities, are what little brown girls should be made of.

Her speaking modules reflect an unwavering passion for all aspects of beauty – professional, cultural, and personal. Intellectual yet relevant, comforting yet provocative…her direct and interactive approach provides an aspirational, modern woman image that is relatable and achievable.

Additional Considerations
T. Bernie is also available to guest lecture in-class and moderate event panels per your topic needs.

• Guest Lecture
• Panel Moderator

Contact for speaking fees and availability.