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#NudeAwakening Movement Demands Merriam-Webster Remove Racist Definition of "Nude"

Merriam-Webster Redefine Nude | TBernieTalksBeauty

Get into this movement for 2015 #NationalNudeDay: Comment with hashtag #NudeAwakening on @MerriamWebster “nude” definition page in “Seen & Heard” section to demand removal of racist definition and a more inclusive one. Merriam-Webster is the only dictionary that defines nude as “having the color of a white person’s skin.” Make inclusive to refer to true hue. #dreamcultureequality

T. Bernie’s Note: As a champion of culture equality and beauty culturist, I made an ACTUAL difference about discriminatory #beauty ideals and you can too.

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Redefine “Nude”

Merriam-Webster Redefine Nude | TBernieTalksBeauty

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