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Miami Swim Week 2016: Swanky, Sexy & Shady



#MiamiSwimWeek deserves its attention. The fashion week dedicatedly entirely to swimwear is exciting not only for the parade of exposed skin, but also for the premium experience spectating.

Trendy South Beach hotels serve as show venues. Stages are perfectly set in the pool as the audience watches poolside or in some cases in the reverse. Complimentary cocktails are served pre-show. It’s not uncommon for a model or two to animate her strut. Also that alcohol promo girls pass beverages in suit made by the the designer. Gift bags for all are the standard closing touch.

The Swanky

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Brazilian Sinesia Karol was an exceptional privé presentation held at The Setai Miami Beach. Guests enjoyed an exquisite specialty passion fruit pre-cocktail, multiple delectable courses of Asian fusion cuisine and bottle service. The designer’s wears seem to float on the catwalk built into the luxury hotel’s courtyard serenity pond. Parabéns!

The Sexy

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Jamaican Keva J ‘served’ a flirty presentation that delighted onlookers in the pool as well as media and guests poolside noshing on The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach Cuban inspire appetizers and sipping D’USSÉ Cognac cocktails. Her bright color, sizzling designs worn by healthy, toned, shapely models were showstoppers and a must-wear. Biggup!


Beautiful bodies graced the catwalk as did ugly attitudes. The one token Black model was always very tall, super lean, with requisite straight hair. Even more curious is that many of the White and Latina models regardless of height, hair texture, or skin coloring were either thick or had breast augmentations or lip injections. The most poor form at the show was either having publicist question credentials/invitations or other attendees looking quizzically as if the few Blacks belong.

The Shady

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Latina Lila Nikole‘s Miami cool, pool party gear collection was accessorized by a visor and high top sneaker collabo by Alessandra Gold Concept Store x Kruzin Footwear  on every model. Not so cool was the discourteous treatment by the PR/hostess team. Also, the disorganization of wristband seating, unprepared celeb/VIP photo ops on the catwalk pre-show, and photographers yelling at the audience “no cell phones front row” was unprofessional. These elements eclipsed dope designs in a strong show at 1 Hotel South Beach. Shade!


T. Bernie’s Note: Miami Swim Week was awesome: outdoor pools, relaxed atmospheres, spaced out schedule, sponsored spirits, hors d’oeuvres and gifts. Experiencing a fashion show in this way was quite different from and better than the intensity, hurried pace, no refreshments and rarely offered gifts of New York Fashion Week. However, the #streetstyle isn’t nearly as original (stylist @fancyjames brought it!) and it’s disappointing the shows aren’t more inclusive and that the Racism isn’t more subtle. Its sunny, the setting and fashion are sexy and drinks are flowing, #nohate necessary. #dreamculturequality


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