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Art of Sculptra Aesthetic Injectable at YoungArts Miami

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sculptra | cocoachic.comT. Bernie’s Note: While it’s not my learned Jamaican beauty culture to seek invasive cosmetic procedure, I found Sculptra encouraging to recommend women of color consider vs. BOTOX® or plastic surgery (a la Lil Kim). Both the ethnic backgrounds and skill level of the dermatologists at the event were incredible. I prefer natural or topical self care; yet, as a global beauty culturist and credentialed industry expert, I also support and enhance with scientific ingredients. 

Sculptra® Aesthetic held an exclusive “art” event at a gallery featuring leading aesthetic providers in the U.S., South Florida-based dermatologists  Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera and Dr. Flor Mayoral at YoungArts Miami.

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The exhibit style discussion began with attendees split into two groups with each expert explaining Sculptra, the anti-aging facial injection treatment that delivers subtle, safer results over time replacing lost collagen. Two installations, one hanging carousel and one floor mount, in different areas of the gallery artfully displayed before-to-after photos. Attendees then regrouped for a closing open floor Q&A.
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Aging is architectural change to the face. Cheekbones are a symbol of youth, beauty and fertility. Women lose 30% more bone than men. Weight loss as you age causes need for volume fat to be addressed.

#sculptraaesthetic was presented as an art form. Its all in the technique of the provider to analyze the face and look at angles to select areas to replace where volume is missing. The treatment addresses volume and loss of collagen, fills in lines and wrinkles then maintains, and aids in structural support by keeping position of the face.

Candidates for procedure are approaching or over 40 at the start of fine lines and wrinkles; it helps if they are conscientious of hormonal changes. It’s also better after having baby due to loss after accelerating from breast feeding. Take notice of fat vs. bone loss: is the apple shape on face still round or getting flat, as lose fat, face flattens and loses shape. Also note, if clench and grind at night due to stress. Don’t chew gum.

Women of color due to melanin have less lines and benefit from higher collagen fabrication of hyalorinc acid in the skin. Also, bigger cheekbones age slower. In addition to above, they should take notice of if skin tends to keloid they are not a candidate and must disclose prior to provider. Darker skin prone to hypertrophic scars are ok for procedure.

Approximately, one session for every decade of age. Follow up is 8 weeks after. Reaction peaks at week 13. Lasts up to 2 years.

The essence of #sculptra is subtle change over time; receding the signs of aging doesn’t happen overnight.


“Sculpture” photo booth with @newbeauty Special Projects Editor Tatiana Bido

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