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Anatomy at 1220: South Beach New Luxe Members Only Fitness Club

Anatomy at 1220 chandelier |

Anatomy at 1220 | cocoachic.comSouth Beach’s newest fitness facility Anatomy at 1220 is impressive. My memberships or guest passes have been at Bally’s, Crunch, New York Sports Club, LA Fitness, and David Barton. Believing I had been exposed to all the best premium formats, Anatomy is an amazing, evolved fitness concept. Where Equinox is exclusive, Anatomy is selective catering to members seeking a more personalized, intimate, and enticing exercise experience.




Plush Without Pretense

Anatomy is opulent with decor highlights of a crystal chandelier in the main workout area, marble restroom and shower stalls, luxurious wood and chrome finishes throughout, and fresh flower arrangements in certain areas.

Anatomy at 1220 chandelier |



Anatomy at 1220 women's locker room door | cocoachic.comAnatomy at 1220 lockers |

Anatomy at 1220 tv & mints | cocoachic.comAnatomy at 1220 shower stall |

There are an array of amenities, the standouts that appealed to me were the aromatic scent throughout is awakening (zero funky gym smell), automatic code lockers, and the prissy details of the ladies room including an etched, standing floor mirror, vanity space with upholstered chairs, robes and showers shoes, flat screen TV, even a bowl of mints. Although I have a few Lululemon wet dry bags and as a yogi try to be green, but sometimes I’m harried and like that a roll of plastic bags is conveniently for grabs on the wall. Kudos for the Ginger & Lemongrass body care plus Rice Volumizing shampoo and conditioner by Mt. Sapola which was lovely on my natural, coiled, short crop (altho I love Bliss, Peter Thomas Roth, Molton Brown and other upscale brands that partner with gym/spas, this hair products don’t work for my hair type).

Anatomy at 1220 sink | Anatomy at 1220 vanity | Anatomy at 1220 mirror | cocoachic.comAnatomy at 1220 t. bernie |

Upstairs, there’s a grass turf, outdoor, performance deck to diversify training amid fresh air and sunny South Florida sky.

Anatomy at 1220 performance deck |


The rooftop terrace connects to a pantry with Ocean Drive, Modern Luxury Miami, and new Toys for Boys among the complimentary magazines.

Anatomy at 1220 terrace | Anatomy at 1220 pantry & mags |

The sanctuary puts Anatomy over the top. For anyone that has experience Aire in New York City, it’s a mini or scaled back version of a cold plunge and sauna, hot plunge and infrared sauna, and eucalyptus steam room available before or after any and every workout – it’s to live for.

Anatomy at 1220 sanctuary |

The customer service is impeccable. From asking questions over the phone, to check in, to even the manager walking by, I was constantly greeted with pleasant eye contact, a smile, polite tone for my inquiries. A few days after my experience, Monique phoned me to check in and I’ve received some cool invites to co-hosted events with other chic brands such as Peace Love World and Casa Tua The Club.


Intense Without Pressure

Instead of equipment, I chose to immerse myself at Anatomy through it’s group fitness classes. The energy, professionalism, tailoring by student, energizing music selection, amicability, and variety of techniques was unbelievably consistent across the five classes. It’s not typical to like, be motivated by, or feel impacted by all instructors at a facility, especially first-time, but Anatomy delivered. Also, they all had aspirational physiques that you can achieve.


Box180 with Daniel

I’ve done a few boxing and kickboxing cardio classes, but this was my best yet for both the teaching and my performance.

Kudos: Instructor adjusted each individual spar round by student.

> Spar

Anatomy at 1220 daniel & boxing |


Yogalates with Christa @xtablissfit3

I’m a Bikram yoga but this is my second experience in a class led by this teacher and it tested the intensity I’m used to and of your typical vinyasa flow.

Kudos: Instructor combined yoga and pilates and bonus of barre elements as well as a lavender scented towel over the eyes during savasana.

> Plie squats with pilates ring

Anatomy at 1220 christa & pilates ring |


Sweat, Stretch, Recover with Evan @ethanmarinefit

This was unlike any other cardio class I’d taken before either at a gym or on tape DVD. T25 is awesome, but dare I rank this class over Shawn T? Yes, only because I’m a yogi so it’s all about balance and I love flexibility exercises. This was a pleasant, surprise, active sequence: 5 minutes each warm-up low intensity then 30 seconds each more intensity then incorporated modifications of some of the best stretching elements of yoga. Two times for the hip-hop transition into funky yoga music.

Kudos: instructor designed awesome all-in-one – intensity, body weight sweat & stretch, and unlike yoga hold instead stretch, relax. Brief deep tissue massage in upper body; tension areas allowed mind to relax and be in moment.

> Superman row then snow angel

Anatomy at 1220 ethan & superman |

Watch my session: Anatomy at 1220 ethan stretch, sweat, recover |


Stretch, Sweat, Recover with Callie @callienne

Ethan is a tough act to follow differently, but Callie’s remix of his sequence was unexpectedly, exciting too. The dynamic warm-up and total body weight circuit included contemporary spin to traditional exercises such as while walking toy soldier and Samson stretch lunges then later air squats, lateral lunges, and plank push-ups with rotations.

Kudos: Instructor led an all-encompassing 40 minutes, sweating to Rico Love

> Movement prep foam rolling, self massages, breaks up metabolic waste like cellulite, increases blood flow oxygen

Anatomy at 1220 callie & foam roll |


Liquid Detox Flow with Sara

Just when thought there could be know flow to flow, this class made me dig flow again. Left truly feeling lighter.

Kudos: Instructor created good full-body conditioning, solid breath focus, attentive to individual range of motion.


5-Star Fitness

Modern machinery, kick ass music, alluring atmosphere, genuine friendliness, and impeccable cleanliness, Anatomy at 1220 will seduce you into fitness.

Rates:  Day $50 / Week $200 / Month $350

Anatomy at 1220


Views expressed are my own, nonpaid endorsement.



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