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Amandla Stenberg & Black Twitter Response to Kylie Jenner Cornrows & #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter


@kyliejenner vs @cocoachicbeauty cornrows | TBernieTalksBeautyT. Bernie’s Note: Cornrows are “urban,” “cool” for Kylie, but “ethnic,” “curious” on me. Although I worked in style-accepting hair care division of Fortune 500, global #beauty company, my mid-level executive position at USA headquarters still made me ever so slightly subconscious about my White colleagues receptivity to the “vacation hair” look. Therein lies the broad issue of “cultural appropriation” vs. cultural exchange. On Instagram, @kyliejenner boastfully posted ” I woke up like disss.” with 1.2 million “Likes” while my @cocoachicbeauty post was rhetorical self-love reinforcement to “You changed your hair” incessant comments received at work. We both are beautiful; the beholders vantage differs based on Race.


NY Mag @TheCut feat. by @AllisonPDavis captured actress @amandlastenberg comment posted to Jenner’s photo and posted her eloquent YouTube video explanation of cultural appropriation entitled “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows.  @TheRoot feat. by @YeshaCallahan called out the actual “jackholes”: @Lavernecox posted a follow up open letter to her lack of defense during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live in which co-guest Andre Leon Talley also allowed Andy Cohen to criticize Stenberg remarks. This sparked #BoycottBravo.  @essencemag published a great roll call of responses to the #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter of Black Twitter addressing this and last week’s Serena Williams defeat of Maria Sharapova. @ELLEmagazine feat. by @dressupwithjess semi-personal story shares the pain of how #browngirlbeauty hairstyles only gain mainstream acceptance when worn by others. All of these images and instances beg: “What would America be like if we liked Black people as much as we like Black culture?” #dreamcultureequality



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